Njoftime per shtyp


Choose the power to combine with "One Super Family"!

One Telecommunications & ALBtelecom, as part of the Hungarian 4iG Group, are collaborating in synergy with each other to bring "One Super Family" product, which starting from September 1 will be offered at all sales points of both companies.

The next step in the integration process of the two largest companies in the telecommunications market in the country is also materialized in the first combined product, which both operators bring together, as well as the high quality 4P (mobile network, fixed network, TV and internet) services provided at the same time.

"One Super Family" bundle combines the best of fixed services, offered  by ALBtelecom, and the highest quality of mobile services, provided by ONE Telecommunications, thus creating a powerful combination for all Albanian families, with competitive prices and exclusive benefits for all.

The strength of this combination lies in offering the best opportunities for users, not only in the best quality fixed and mobile services, but also in getting up to 50% discount on the internet or IPTV services, as well as UNLIMITED internet on mobile for everyone.

The cooperation between the two companies in the combined product "One Super Family" is the beginning of a new period of strengthening the quality of services and offers, tailored according to the communication needs of all subscribers, thus creating a new standard for the Albanian market of telecommunications.