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Telekom Albania is rebranded to ONE

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In a few more days, September 10, Telekom Albania will officially is rebranded to ONE Telecommunications. In a press release published in the media listed below, the company pledges to provide the best service possible for its customers.

"ONE comes with PROFESSIONALISM, investing to build the best 4G / 4G + network in Albania. We are familiar with your needs and are committed to being REAL in the market, providing what you need and have been looking for, for a long time. You will soon be introduced to our new offer tariffs and plans, and we are confident that you will not be disappointed. We will bring you the best customer experience in Albania, with re-modeled stores with YOU in our focus. ONE will always be one step BEYOND what you are looking for. In ONE store, you will find your favorite phones and innovative solutions for the Albanian market. ONE will bring commitment to HONESTY and the promise that we will always be transparent and fair in our relationship with YOU. At ONE, we accept change as a new beginning in our journey together. We will be FRIENDLY in our partnership with YOU and we will work every day to improve it further. Stay with us, believe in ONE! We start our journey together from September 10, and we will become BETTER EVERY DAY”.