ONE Albania mobile network rated as the best in the country


According to Omnitele’s Mobile Network Benchmarking ONE Albania, scored the highest marks in network performance in the country

One Albania's mobile network quality has been recognized as the best in the country. Omnitele an internationally recognized, independent mobile network consulting company, has announced the findings.

These results were to be expected, as ONE Albania inherited best and newest mobile technology deployed from ONE, and advantageous usage of fiber optics networks from ALBtelecom. ONE Albania has continued to invest these last months in the upgrade of its network capacities and resources.

Omnitele, (with an extensive history of conducting independent mobile network benchmarks through field measurements) measured and evaluated the performance of mobile networks from end-user perceived service experience. This method reflects the real impact of the offered network capabilities over the demands of customer for mobile services. One Albania has scored the highest marks in the mobile network performance.

Three are the main pillars in which One Albania has been tested and scored highest: Voice Call Experience, Data Services Experience and Applications Experience. These indicators mean that customers can stream videos, browse the web, use their most preferred applications, enjoy online gaming and make phone calls without experiencing any lag or dropped calls and with a superior voice call quality.

One Albania presents nowadays the biggest and the best mobile network infrastructure in Albania. As technical team of One Albania we are enthusiastic on Omnitele’s recognition, but it did not surprise us. We have gone through a complex process of upgrades and merging in our network. We were committed to ensuring for our customers a better experience of internet navigation, and for this we increased internet capacity and throughputs by 30%. Present results from this benchmarking campaign are strong evidence of this reality.”– said Luan Sula, Head of Mobile Access Network at ONE Albania.

ONE Albania network is built on both our ultra-reliable 4G+ mobile network and fiber infrastructure. From voice and video calls to TV entertainment and from home video games to Wi-Fi in remote areas, One Albania network is designed to keep our customers connected with the best quality to the people and other interests they love.

On the launch of the new brand, One Albania launched for its customers 30% faster speeds, better voice quality, and an improved user experience of mobile services. The results coming from Omnitele's Benchmarking tests proved exactly that One Albania remains committed in delivering on its promises.

One Albania is committed to delivering on its promises to its customers and providing them with the best network performance. Omnitele’s Benchmarking results are an affirmation of ONE’s transparency and integrity towards its subscribers.